Business photography at strategy meetings

How business photography conveys messages and change How do I combine business photography with my strategy meetings? We live in a time when, through social media, the image plays a significant role. In my opinion, companies that focus on quality in their services and products and communicate with customers from the B2B environment should also […]

New business portraits for TMf Group

Authentic business photos for international companies I was allowed to create the first business portraits and team shots for the TMF Group in Frankfurt. What was also evident in the shoot, the team in Germany is international and so there was also a relaxed atmosphere on the photo set. Participants came from a variety of […]

Professional business portraits in modern offices

How companies can combine meetings with authentic business photos For established companies as well as growing startups, I, as a Frankfurt photographer, offer the possibility to have professional business portraits made of oneself and one’s team at the workplace in perfect premises. I am happy that through the cooperation with SleevesUp I have found a […]

Business photos Frankfurt for craft

How companies attract new customers with authentic business photos. How do I actually use new business photos for my business and manage to attract new customers to my business. Companies position themselves especially with current photos and thus strengthen their brand. The task in the photo shoot for Christian Keller Digital was to create new […]

Free project “Appreciation for everyday heroes in times of pandemic”.

The Corona COVID-19 crisis affects us all. Who are the heroes that support us in everyday life ? As our former chancellor Helmut Schmidt once said, character is revealed in a crisis. It is also about the topic of appreciation and recognition of those who particularly support us in this difficult time. There are very […]

Business photos for Zurich Group in Frankfurt

New business photos documenting the everyday life of the trainees at a top insurer, this was the task I was allowed to implement. Many young people wonder what to do after school, whether an apprenticeship is worthwhile or whether they would rather go to university. An ideal start to your career, with the option of […]