Your photographer from Frankfurt

As a freelance photographer in Frankfurt, I am now more than 18 years in my profession and have specialized in the topics, business photography, event photography and press photography.

Originally, I did a commercial apprenticeship as a travel agent, then studied business administration with a focus on transportation and tourism and worked as a key account manager in sales for 20 years in a permanent position.

In 2004 I started my self-employment in Frankfurt, practically turning my hobby and passion of photography into a profession. In the beginning it was event themes and then studio photography and the use of mobile lighting equipment was added. I acquired the necessary skills by working with experienced fellow photographers and intensive training with various manufacturers of lighting equipment (Hensel Lichttechnik, Rollei, Ellinchrom, Profoto, Godox).

Today I shoot with Godox and Hensel lighting equipment and also put together a team consisting of make-up artist, stylist, digital assistant and location scout for large photo projects.

I come from Frankfurt Bockenheim and am therefore also within 15 minutes to my customers and photograph on site, ie. On Location with Customers. Thus, I do without a fixed photo studio for even more flexibility. Clients can continue to work virtually in your office on location while I set up a full photo studio and, depending on the client’s wishes, also bring different backgrounds.

However, the company’s own seminar and conference rooms on site can also be used or, depending on the subject matter, the working environment can also be integrated into the photo shoot. A free on-site consultation is part of my service and is highly appreciated by my customers. It does not matter whether in Frankfurt am Main or the surrounding area. For further distances, for example, a video conference is a good option.

Travel costs within Frankfurt are always included in the total price of my offers. For inquiries from the cities of Mainz, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt and Bad Homburg, for example, moderate travel costs are included in the offer.

The photo shooting in Frankfurt

For a photo shoot in Frankfurt, I also often get customer requests for special rooms and locations, which are then rented by me. Here it is customers who do not have a suitable office and would like to use a modern office equipment also for a photo shoot, because pictures in action at the workplace create confidence among customers. Here I offer as a photographer the additional service of other services such as renting office space in Frankfurt with, so that versatile business photos are also possible for marketing on the website or on social media and in press releases.

The perfect location

One of my cooperation partners for special rooms is in the heart of Frankfurt, in the Taunusanlage. Here I found a partner in Memox, which offers modern, versatile offices for events and workshops. In addition to the classic portraits, team photos and pictures at the workplace can also be taken here. Both flip charts, projectors, a conference atmosphere and a coffee kitchen situation can be included in the photo shoot.

Photography in Frankfurt am Main with its skyscrapers and distinctive skyline is always suitable for special photo shoots. With over 18 years of experience in Frankfurt am Main, I know many places where photography can be combined with the special background of Frankfurt.

As a client, how can I recognize a professional photographer?

Customers are looking for a professional photographer and here Google is used first as a search engine. Google reviews are also becoming more and more important, the more stars and comments there are about the photographer, the better he will be displayed in the Google ad on the web.

However, this should not be the only criterion:

In addition to a professional website with sample work and references, it is ultimately the unique selling points of photographers that lead to specialization. There are wedding photographers, children photographers, event photographers, studio photographers, baby photographers or portrait photographers. An architectural photographer certainly has other strengths than a business photographer who works with people and can perfectly stage them for a portrait.

For an event and press photographer, there is additional work such as keywording the images (IPTC data), entering them into image databases or marketing the photos on social media with image posts and hashtags.

My advice as a professional photographer is to look at the website, talk to the photographer and get examples that fit your request. Pay attention to the equipment in the studio or location. This should look high quality and modern, after all you want a photo that looks highly professional. For portrait, event, or team photography I only use equipment with the highest quality. For business photography in Frankfurt I also use the special skyline of Frankfurt.

The way of working on the photo set

As a photographer, I very often get positive customer feedback and thanks for the fast delivery of the image files. For me, fast means that the customer receives the photo in a gallery with download and marking options after just a few working days. In addition, I shoot directly into a computer / laptop, also called tether shooting. Thus, the customer has a success control immediately on the set. He sees the photo and can directly select the best photos for him.

By working together on set, backgrounds and distracting elements can also be eliminated immediately, and the large screen makes it possible to see even the smallest details. Care is important! If the suit fits perfectly, the pose is right and the photos look the way the customer wants them to. Here I place great emphasis on authenticity, portraying the subject in a natural and professional manner.

Preparation for the photo session

In order to be able to prepare optimally for a photo session, enough time should be planned in advance. This way, the client can once again think about exactly what he wants to express with the pictures and the photographer can then bring appropriate props. If the customer is not located directly in Frankfurt am Main or the surrounding area, the journey must of course also be planned.

Considering all factors, a request should be made about 2 weeks before the actual photo shoot.

However, if you need help or tips on how to prepare, I will be happy to assist you.

What is the cost of a photo shoot

What is the cost of the photographer and what services are included in the price. The first offer that looks cheap is not always the best offer for the customer in the end.

For each customer budget I have calculated for my customers, for example, different image packages, depending on the number of photos and also the number of outfits, ie change of suits or costumes. The customer determines the scope of the photographic work and he has a choice of different budgets. Thus, all customer requirements and all price categories are offered by me. The use of a make-up artist and hair stylist is also recommended and ensures the “Perfect Business Photo”.

How many photos are needed? Are 2-5 photos already enough for me as a customer or do I want business photos in action in my workplace environment in addition to portraits and team photos in a photo shoot. Shall be photographed in the rooms (inside) or also outside, so outdoor photos are realized with?

What payment options do I offer my customers

The world is going digital, and in addition to direct debit and bank transfer, there are many new forms of payment today. New to the program is payment via a card terminal device. You pay by EC and credit card and PIN and receive a receipt immediately. Payment via Paypal and SEPA direct debit is also possible. My customers can conveniently book and pay for their desired package online immediately.

I look forward to seeing you.