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Business photos for Zurich Group in Frankfurt

New business photos documenting the everyday life of the trainees at a top insurer, this was the task I was allowed to implement. Many young people wonder what to do after school, whether an apprenticeship is worthwhile or whether they would rather go to university. An ideal start to your career, with the option of completing an additional degree course after successful training – this is possible with the Zurich Group.

Training and studies in the insurance industry

Zurich Group is an attractive employer and would like to communicate its status as an attractive employer to the outside world with up-to-date, high-quality business photos.

That’s why I was commissioned to implement the theme of training here in Frankfurt with new business photos. The insurance specialist is one of the best training providers and was awarded the “Top Training” certificate last year.

In the past years I had the pleasure to accompany some events of the group, an image campaign and also the move to the new German headquarters in Frankfurt (Pollux building next to the fair). The participants in the shoot gave me a first glimpse into their working lives and enabled an understanding of the company’s core values. With these insights and through my craft of photography, I was able to visualize things and facets of everyday life as they really are and add value to the outside world.

Use of the photos

The photographs were to be taken of various trainees in a professional manner, with the focus on exchange and cooperation within the team. The trainees photographed all work in different areas of the insurance company and represent it – they were selected internally in advance for the photo shoot. In addition to individual and team photographs, we also included the real working world of the trainees. These images now act as eye-catchers within the company’s marketing presence, whether online, in print, or in the press. All image rights are held by Zurich Group, you may use them for any purpose.

Photo documentation of apprentices at Zurich Group

The photos were to be taken professionally of various trainees, and the focus was on exchange and cooperation within the team. The trainees photographed all work in a wide variety of areas at the insurance company and were selected internally in advance for the photo shoot. In addition to individual and team photos, the real working world of the trainees should also be shown.

More Image messages were:

  • Presentation of the training with current photos
  • different work situations, interdisciplinary work
  • Fun at work
  • Individual and team shots
  • Agile work
  • Versatile, varied tasks with a top insurer
  • Good training, further education opportunities
  • Attracting young people to training

For all those who enjoy working with people, want to make a difference and want to start an exciting apprenticeship with a top company, here is how to apply: https://www.zurich.de/de-de/ueber-uns/ihre-karriere/ausbildung

The new generations Gen Y and Gen Z, i.e. born after 1981, are very active in the Zurich Group. On the blog page of the company you can find interesting articles: https://www.zurich-blog.de/azubiszurich-viele-neue-eindruecke-und-eine-schultuete/

You also want your added value to the outside communicate and need new business photos? You would like to additionally through moving image and video services to engage your target audience and communicate your brand message. apply?

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