Employee photos for your company

Team photos and employee photos are always a challenge, because at the end of the day we have many employees who should all be equally featured in one photo. First of all it is about the positioning of the team, who should stand where and in which composition the teams should be photographed. Both smaller teams 4- 6 people and large teams larger than 10 people are prepared by me as a photographer with care and attention to detail.

The background is also decisive for the later effect on the photo. If you want it to be a neutral background, an appropriate background will be added to the image later in post-production. I also support my clients in that we show alternatives on site when we visit possible photo scenes in the company.

When I take photos in the office, the elements of an open-plan office, for example, can be captured blurred in the background. Thus, the viewer immediately recognizes from which environment the persons come and there is a better identification with the person. Business photography in Frankfurt provides variety with the imposing skyline in the background.

If you want to showcase your employees, book a business shoot here for professional business photos. Extensive consulting and staging included.