Photographer is a popular profession and also among pupils and students this activity is highly in demand. Even in distance learning you can learn professional photography today. Whether employed or freelance, courses and further training will improve your prospects.

Fascinating photos require a trained eye, a flair for image composition and also know-how in image editing. In addition, there is further knowledge in the field of marketing and sales, because every self-employed photographer needs basic commercial knowledge and also tax know-how. How do I find my customers, how do I present myself and how do I calculate my offers correctly so that I can also live from my profession as a photographer and from the work. The flood of images is growing and further knowledge also of marketing on social media is becoming increasingly important. Dealing with people, on-set guidance and teamwork are also critical to continued success.

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Also, the number of career changers has been increasing for years, as well as the pursuit in the sideline, so there is a lot of competition among photographers.
At photo schools or photo academies you can train to become a photographer in 3 years. There is also the possibility of completing an academic degree program at a private or state university in 6-8 semesters of standard study time.

As in any profession, those who engage themselves with fun, joy and passion will also be successful. It is not only the craftsmanship that is required, but as mentioned, there are other skills, such as marketing, customer acquisition, which are also a factor that should not be underestimated.

I have in the “Corona time! acquired a further education to the online marketing manager and have now, in addition to photography, also acquired basics in the field of online marketing. Developing new online strategies, improving Google rankings, and increasing traffic to websites always in conjunction with photography are value-added services that I help provide to my clients. So I can give you as a photographer in Frankfurt still tips for the perfect positioning of the images on your website

The photographer's profile - these are the skills you should have:

  • Creativity
  • A flair for image composition
  • an eye for details
  • technical understanding
  • Fun with photos, pictures and photography

The equipment you should have is as follows:

  • Image editing software
  • A camera (the most important thing)                
  • Light/Photo Lamps

Other qualities that are not on the profile of the photographer, you can learn in an apprenticeship or study.

Have fun taking pictures
Further information on the profession of photographer can be found, for example, at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)