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Free project “Appreciation for everyday heroes in times of pandemic”.

The Corona COVID-19 crisis affects us all. Who are the heroes that support us in everyday life ? As our former chancellor Helmut Schmidt once said, character is revealed in a crisis. It is also about the topic of appreciation and recognition of those who particularly support us in this difficult time.

There are very many heroes, whether they are doctors, nurses, caregivers, neighborhood helpers, truck drivers or educational caregivers in childcare (KITA) or the aircrew who have been active worldwide in retrieval operations on behalf of the federal government…. You all go beyond boundaries in your day-to-day work.

Heroes also need our attention !

I call you the heroes of everyday life and would like to express my appreciation for a wide variety of professions with a free photo project.

“People always forget what you’ve said or done – but they never forget how you made them feel”.

What does the photo shoot look like?

Each participant in this photo project will receive the photos with all rights for unrestricted use, be it for publication on a website, reporting on the social media channels, everything is possible.

I would also be very happy if I could also use the photos taken on my website or in the blog article.

Ultimately, you as a customer and participant in this project decide which photos are important to you. I am available for a total of ½ day and will fulfill your wishes.

I work alone and can get the photo work done quickly and professionally without disrupting your workflow. I will also, of course, comply with the safety measures and hygiene measures.

New photos for the healthcare market – an example

Take the example of the healthcare market to see what it could look like. This example was about creating new photos for a website. In addition to classic portraits, the workflow in a clinic should also be documented. In times of Corona, healthcare in particular is gaining a noticeable unique position and esteem among people. As already mentioned, heroes also need a platform for their external presentation and with photo shoots “Behind the Scene” I would like to continue to positively occupy and also expand the work achievements.

These shots show examples of shoots done so far and give you an idea of what photos you can get. More photos from the area “health” you can also see on this page, here I was allowed to realize an overall concept consisting of photography – video and web design with other partners:


If you are interested in new photos, please send me a message via email to: foto@jens-braune.de

I am also happy if this project gets a wide publicity and therefore sharing and forwarding this information is welcome.

Thank you and see you soon ! Stay healthy


Jens Braune del Angel