Business portrait for women

Women in management positions also attach importance to professional photos. Here I support as an expert with 20 years of professional experience by also finding the right approach during the photo shoot on location, so that you as an executive are also shown to advantage in the photos. In the business world, which is still dominated by men, women in particular want to convey the female aspect of an executive in the photo in a serious manner on the one hand, but also on the other.

The right outfit for the photo shoot also wants to be well chosen. Together with an experienced make-up artist and stylist, we show on set which colors and clothes go together and give further tips for the right outward effect on the photo. We pay attention to every detail and so it has already happened that the blouse still had to be ironed on the set. Every detail is important, but it is even more important that my clients feel comfortable on set, because then authentic, professional business portraits for women are created.

My clients appreciate the fact that they get versatile business photos. By changing blouses and other outfits, we achieve a different effect on the photo. Whether it’s a bright smile and teeth or a slight smile with a closed mouth, we’ll turn the photos around so you’re satisfied. The control is done by an automatic transfer of the photos to the laptop, the so-called tether shooting. This way we can then pick your favorites on the same day, which will be enhanced later in an advanced retouch.

Leaders showing themselves in action as part of a team at work or in employee photos are also popular, as this generates further trust in the viewer. This creates versatile images in a photo spread that also makes the women in the photos look professional and approachable.

Book your business portraits directly via my booking form and show yourself from your best side. I look forward to a photo shoot with you.