Modern business photography in Frankfurt am Main

Today, the visual first contact is crucial to whether other people trust you or your company and whether the photos shown match the image of what the company or you stand for. Therefore, the first impression should not be left to chance and good preparation and planning will facilitate the photo shoot for your business photos. Today, photos are also versatile, whether on social media, your website, or a company brochure. It’s always about having different photo formats (portrait and landscape) ready for the right use.

A recognition effect with your customers can be achieved with a modern business portrait. The photo not only underlines your personality and professionalism, but also gives an insight into your professional and business life. Show how you work, what you stand for, and get photographed interacting with other employees with modern photos. Our photographer works quickly and is flexible to meet the needs of our clients. For business portraits for women, for example, the focus will be in a different place than for men. At the end of the photo shoot, there will always be enough image motifs so that you can use the photos on platforms such as XING, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook for your marketing.

Business photos in Frankfurt

Win new customers with professional business portraits.

A business portrait is a shot that portrays you authentically and professionally. It shows you cut to the chest and is an important door opener for making contact or showing your function and position. My goal is to allow you to have an authentic photo that makes you feel well met. A smile creates sympathy, but sometimes a slight smile with a closed mouth fits better. Depending on your position and the intended use, a different portrait may be created. With the immediate transfer of all photos on site, we can work together to create the perfect business portrait. You are photogenic and I understand how to achieve the photo that is exactly what you want, using the time you need.

The procedure of a business photo shoot in Frankfurt

In a free on-site appointment, we discuss the possible photo scenes and develop further ideas for marketing your images together. The right outfit for the photo depends on your type and it is important to me that you feel comfortable in your outfit. You can also bring two outfits (jackets, clothes). The color combination depends on you and also the background of the photo has an effect on the shot.

Since everyone is unique, I’ll guide you accordingly and give tips on different poses and postures to show off your personality well. By transferring all images instantly, we can see together on set what position and posture works best in the photo. A relaxed atmosphere and a feel-good character on set are important and I make sure you feel well met and leave the photo shoot satisfied. Already after 2 working days you will receive a selection of photos, which we have roughly pre-selected on set and which will then be optimized again in a light retouching. You get all the image rights and can easily view the high-resolution files via a link to your own image gallery and select and download your favorite images. Image use is possible for websites, printed materials or for social media activities.

I help you to become more visible with authentic photos and to market your personality even better.

Business photography in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Darmstadt

In the heart of the Rhine-Main area you can take portraits for any business occasion, even without an office in Frankfurt. I’m here to help and advise you, even if you don’t have an office in Frankfurt. You can call me for your business photos or use the new quote generator to configure your needs. If you still want to see for yourself, you can check out my gallery of professional business photos. I offer high quality business photography for a professional corporate image of your company.