Professional business photos

Professional photos are not only requested by companies, also self-employed, small and medium-sized companies, so-called SMEs have professional pictures taken of your team and also have an increased need for photo documentation about your company.

Business photos or business portraits?

The difference is explained quite simply:

For your website, you would like to photograph your employees under the heading “Team” or “Contacts”. All employees should adopt the same pose and stand in front of the same background. The business portraits usually go up to the chest and the outfit is often a suit and tie for men or a blazer for women. Many self-employed people also need the business portrait for their Xing or Linkedin profile. The application possibilities are wide, but with the purpose to represent the company.

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The business photo shows the person in action in the company, i.e. on the phone in his office, in a meeting or even talking to a customer. The photo captures a moment in the company.
These photos could be included on the website under the “About Us” section and give the potential customer a little insight into the company. The outfit is also “business” but here the jacket can hang on the coat hook.

My passion for professional photography extends to working on set with people to portray them professionally and achieve authentic photos. In event photography I capture moods and emotions and document the highlights also for the company history. The clients should feel comfortable during the photo shoot. The best way to do this is in a familiar atmosphere, e.g. in your own company, and not in an artificial photo studio. However, there is also the possibility that I rent a location and produce new visual material for the client in special office spaces. A make-up artist is also part of the team around the photographer and not only styles according to the customer’s wishes, but also gives further tips and provides support on the set for the smooth process – this ensures relaxed working and a feel-good atmosphere.

Combine conferences & meetings with a photo shoot

Why not combine conferences and meetings with a photo shoot. Business clients also want to get out of your office and meet in a new environment and build new inspiration. Here it offers itself that apart from the work then also the teams and individual business partners are professionally photographed by me.

The right outfit for your business photos

There is no right or wrong outfit for the business portraits. Less is more the suit or costume should fit the job and business life and of course you should feel comfortable in your own clothes. While a suit and tie used to be the measure of all things, today we see more and more casual, unconventional outfits. However, this depends on the industry and the colors should match the CI colors of the company. Wild patterns and stripes should be avoided, Uni colors blue, white, gray, provide the perfect look with the appropriate suit and costume.

The right pose for your business photos

Every person is different and there is no right or wrong here either. Together we test out which attitude achieves the best external effect and what suits you. You must also feel comfortable in your pose and a specification on the part of the photographer is not expedient here. However, photography is also a process and in the course of the photo shoot, various poses already arise during the collaboration. Certain poses should fit in such a way that when they look at the photos on the PC they can also say, yes that’s me and that fits for me.

What is the cost of a business photo shoot

There is something for every budget and with my photo prices there are different picture packages depending on the number of photos and also the number of outfits, so change of suits or costumes. The customer determines the scope. The use of a make-up artist and hair stylist is also recommended and ensures the “Perfect Business Photo”.

How many photos are needed? Are 2-5 photos already enough for me as a customer or do I want business photos in action in my workplace environment in addition to portraits, team photos in a photo shoot. Shall be photographed in the rooms (inside) or also be realized outside outdoor photos with?

I will be happy to make you an individual offer for your business photos and business portraits or you can directly use the booking form for business photos

What image post-processing is included in the price?

All images are edited and optimized afterwards. This includes color matching already on set, and sharpness, contrast and color management are also done with a calibrated color monitor. As a photographer, I refrain from extreme image retouching, in which the skin is so softly drawn that the person is then no longer recognizable in reality. Nevertheless, there are customer requests that extend to the areas of skin editing, cropping and replacing the background or eliminating cables and sockets. Already during the shooting and the set-up, photographs are taken on location in such a way that the pictures look authentic and professional and disturbing elements do not appear in the picture. Individuality and a perfect presentation of the person and the company are discussed in advance and can be carried out on request with a special professional image retouching.

Manager photos

I convince my customers with a strong appearance. CEOs and managers present the company and with professional manager photos you not only increase the visibility of your own company, but you also position yourself as a mastermind and doer who steers and controls the company well.

A precise briefing in advance on what is to be achieved with the manger photos, what visual language is to be used by the company, makes it easier for both sides to implement on set later. I am always available for a free initial consultation. Here we can then discuss possible photo scenes and the process together, and I will show you other work that fits your company’s theme.

A business portrait for professional manager photos creates versatile image series. Whether with jacket or without, portraits, team photos or new photo scenes depicting the real working day, my customers always receive all images, all rights and a fast delivery of the image data as well – Promised!