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Business photography at strategy meetings

How business photography conveys messages and change

How do I combine business photography with my strategy meetings? We live in a time when, through social media, the image plays a significant role. In my opinion, companies that focus on quality in their services and products and communicate with customers from the B2B environment should also do so in their internal and external communications. The prerequisite is that the photographer is sensitive to currents and atmospheres and can translate them into visual language. When do photos of teams at work make sense

Photos during strategy meetings that are confidential and when discussing sensitive internal topics are a no-go.

In meetings where creativity, playful but at the same time highly concentrated, new solutions are developed, photos of individual stages and partial results can document the process. This also applies to creative warm-up phases or when the classic meeting room is changed, for example, to go for a walk.

Business photos for your corporate blog

What a powerful message for corporate culture when, in a workshop, colleagues from previously “hostile” teams jointly develop and plan a new project.

In contrast to a photo session where background and scene are exactly predefined, the photo during or in the breaks of a workshop lives from the spirit, the situation. However, similar to corporate photography, the photos are not posed. The point is not to set a scene again during the breaks, but to record the atmosphere in the background and translate it into visual language. The viewer senses the authenticity of a spontaneous image as opposed to a posed photograph.

The result can then be quickly posted on the company blog or social networks. What is certain is that it complements both internal and external communications. This can be an internal event, a team event or a meeting. Where silo thinking once prevailed, interdisciplinary collaboration is now in demand.

Effective photos in work situations

I often work with creative methods and tools such as Lego blocks, collages and mood boards. It can be exciting, for example, to document the development stages in the creation of a future image and to photograph it discreetly in the style of a photo reportage, without distracting clicking noises and flash in the background.

The advantage of bringing in an external photographer for a certain period of time is that, for example, the creative flow in the team is not disturbed “Hold on, let’s take a picture there now”. Or that at important intermediate steps the holding is completely forgotten. It is not the task of the participants to capture everything in the picture, the important thing is to work in a concentrated way.

Photos are particularly effective and create identity when companies merge and photos of the new teams on the intranet document the new world, not conventionally posed, but in work situations.

Monika Koch works as a business coach and experienced consultant, who supports the success of self-employed and small businesses with her experience. Who would like to combine the topic of coaching and photography can also contact her here: https://www.monika-koch-consulting.de/

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