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Church photos

Church pictures with attention to detail

Church photos are in demand there are even competitions for the best church photos, as I had to find out now spontaneously during a network entry. Places of worship are part of our lives and are definitely also a place of rest and reflection, and the Church of the Redeemer in Bad Homburg is definitely an extraordinary church that you have to see.

Now on the weekend it rained and so the time was used to explore the nearby surroundings and it was a happy coincidence that this short weekend excursion ended at the Church of the Redeemer.

There was no one in the church and this place is really magical and immediately draws you in. The facade unfolds a great majestic effect and inside there are golden-ground mosaics and a perceived endless expanse.

Church of the Redeemer Bad Homburg hall with altar

Located next to the palace and the Sinclair House in the “cultural mile” Dorotheenstrasse, the Protestant church offers moments of contemplation and tranquility and is the world’s best preserved testimony to the church program of Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Fascination of a church

Stylistic elements of Byzantine art combined with elements of German High Romanesque are omnipresent in this church. The interior shows a mixture of Byzantine architecture and Art Nouveau, and the paintings inside are reminiscent of the Hagia Sophia. The paintings culminate in the Pantokrator mosaic ( Pantokrator = world ruler) of the apse vault. Here it is the representation of the Lord looking straight at the viewer and the right hand blessing the viewer.

The Redeemer theme is also part of the recurring cycle of the Wheel of Life, which is found in the dome.

Church of the Redeemer Bad Homburg

Every detail a total work of art

At the highest point in the dome we find the “Cross of Light”. Churches of the Redeemer with the sign of the cross highlighted refer to the Roman Emperor Constantine (around 300 A.D.) and Wilhelm II also wanted to be seen as the patron of Christendom.

I immersed myself in the space of the church and found many beautiful details that I captured on camera. By the way, there is also a channel of the Church of the Redeemer on Youtube where you can find excerpts of sermons and also organ concerts: