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The importance of trade fair photography

Russel Hobbs most innovative Brand Award

Trade fair photography using the example of Russell Hobbs

Trade fair photography at Ambiente 2024 in Frankfurt for my client Russel Hobbs was also carried out with live demonstrations. This gave visitors the opportunity to experience the latest kitchen appliances in action and see the high quality of the products for themselves.

Cooking demonstrations created an eventful trade fair experience and encouraged interaction between visitors and stand personnel.

Trade fair photography – Booth photography

The Russel Hobbs stand not only showcased high-quality products, but also encouraged visitors to immerse themselves in the product world with a well thought-out, modern and innovative stand design.

This included clear lines, stylish presentations and an open design that allowed visitors to experience a high-quality context.

Trade fair photography also involves capturing the atmosphere and ambience of a trade fair presentation. In addition to impressive products and services, trade fair photography is all about evoking moods and emotions and thus also increasing visibility at the trade fair.

Marketing the trade fair with professional photos

The trade fair appearance and the representation of the company is comparable to the first impression at a personal meeting. This lays the foundation for the perception of the company and the customers also learn through the visual language which products and innovations are relevant and are thus also made curious to visit the trade fair stand with the corresponding photos.

Trade fair photos as a message from the company

Photos speak louder than words and they tell a story that also succinctly represents the identity of the company. Here it is crucial that the images are not only of high quality, but also convey a message, because the photos also give the visitor an insight into the philosophy and culture of the company.

Selection of trade fair motifs

When selecting the trade fair motifs, there is a corresponding customer briefing in advance. Always included are photos of the stand and the presentation of the products. Here I pay particular attention to quality and relevance and the mixture of product, trade fair stand and team photos not only creates a connection to the products in terms of functionality and benefits, but the visual language is also always about building trust and strengthening credibility.

Integration and use of trade fair photos

As my clients receive all image rights, large-format images could also be used to catch the eye and attract new visitors. A well thought-out arrangement of the photos can also be used in the subsequent follow-up to the trade fair to enable a visual journey through the history of the company.

Online presence of trade fair photos

Before the trade fair is after the trade fair and when the stand is dismantled, photos are also used for future documentation of the next trade fair appearance. In addition, the photos can also be used online on social media. Company platforms such as the company website and the use of marketing materials can be enhanced with images taken at the trade fair.

Sharing impressions in real time also strengthens the digital presence and means that the trade fair experience can be used for the whole year beyond the event.

Conclusion Added value trade fair photography

Trade fair photos are therefore a powerful tool that not only arouse emotions and increase visibility, but ultimately also lead to branding. In addition to capturing an unforgettable experience, professional trade fair photos are practically also a digital extension of the trade fair success.