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Event photography Eberbach Monastery

Eventfotografie Kloster Eberbach Rundtische im Gewölbekeller

Exclusive location – exclusive event photography

The Eberbach Monastery is an exclusive location, which also makes your corporate event special in event photography. The entire monastery with its historic building, courtyards and gardens offers unique photo motifs and I will support you as an event photographer to make your event unforgettable.

In the monastery there are various premises suitable for different types of events. Whether conference rooms, banquet halls or historic vaults, there are a variety of options that can be tailored to meet client needs.

The monastery radiates an inspiring atmosphere that always fascinates me as a photographer and is also motivating and creatively stimulating for the participants. The historical place and the tranquility of the monastery create a special atmosphere that contributes to team building activities , productive discussions and creative workshops.

Since the monastery is located in a picturesque environment surrounded by vineyards, outdoor activities are also possible. For example, outdoor team building activities can also be organized, walks through vineyards can be taken and wine tasting can be a crowning event.

The monastery has its own gastronomy and excellent catering service, so exquisite food and drinks will enrich your event.

Setting the scene for moments photographically

The natural light can be used perfectly, the wonderful scenery, courtyards in an atmospheric Atmospähre depict. There are various locations, such as the courtyard with its impressive arcades or the picturesque backdrop of the vineyards in the background.

As a photographer, I pay attention to details that also express the uniqueness of the monastery and its history. Whether it is ornate doors or gothic windows I deliberately put these details also with the participants in scene.

To capture different aspects, I play with different perspectives to achieve unique shots. Since the events are mainly also supported with artificial light sources, I capture these special moments with candles and available light so that the special atmosphere is also preserved in the photo.

Capture emotional moments as an event photographer

As an event photographer, I am both a silent observer who captures the right photo at the right time and place, as well as an active, agile photographer who coordinates with his clients in advance and also contributes new suggestions for new image ideas.

You also want to celebrate an exclusive party in magical walls? You can also find more information here: https://kloster-eberbach.de/de/ihre-veranstaltung/veranstaltungen-feiern