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Business photography and make up

Business photography and a professional make-up are becoming increasingly important, especially in a time in which the Internet and the external presentation also for customer acquisition takes a special role.

Whether it’s looking at a website on the monitor or an encounter in real life: First impressions count and we decide in a fraction of a second whether we like the person we are talking to.

A business photo shoot accompanied by a professional team is essential here. There are customer inquiries, connected with the request to take out nevertheless with the offer calculation the post of the Visagistin again. In my view, the customer is saving at the wrong end here. Therefore, I would like to list some arguments that you as a customer also bring the processes closer and the decision to book a makeup artist with , affirm lets.

To ensure that the shoot goes well, that all participants are dressed appropriately and that the timing works, there are a few points to keep in mind to ensure a “stress-free” shoot.

Styling tips for men

At home, prepare your outfit. Suit or not, in any case, make sure that your clothes fit well and are ironed. Patterned tops usually don’t look good in pictures and irritate the eye of the later viewer. Similarly, very dark, plain outfits (e.g. black shirt with black jacket).

Style your hair as usual before a business shoot, do not use too much hair gel. Here, too, the make-up artist can still give valuable tips on the spot.

If you are a glasses wearer, I speak from personal experience here, make sure your glasses are clean. If you want to be photographed without glasses, please do not wear your glasses for a while before the shooting, so you avoid possible pressure marks on your nose. Just before the photo shoot, a professional makeup artist from my team will help you with the preparations.

Even if it is unusual for many men, the man also needs a little makeup for the shooting. The camera makes them look different than in a mirror. We use powder, concealer so that the forehead, nose and chin do not look shiny in the picture. Professional accompanying styling will emphasize and underline a good and professional impression. In addition, the make-up artist makes sure that there are no annoying hairs on the face and any skin irritations are softened. Your hairstyle will also be checked again, it is important that you appear authentic and likeable and also feel comfortable. We also check that your suit still fits properly and that no creases have formed. After the photo shoot, the make-up artist will also be happy to help you remove your make-up.

Styling tips for women

Suitable clothing is very important. If your outfit creases quickly, do not put it on directly but bring it separately to the shooting and change only shortly before the shooting. Patterns in clothing and flashy jewelry usually look unflattering. Before a business shooting, we also inform you about the client if you should possibly come without make-up. Either the entire make-up is then done by a professional make-up artist or her self-applied make-up is touched up and optimized.

Makeup should be applied very cleanly and evenly. The camera flash behaves differently on skin with makeup, tinted day creams and the like. There are some products that do not harmonize with the light of the lake structure, this is not apparent before. The entire styling should look subtle and natural. Nevertheless, the camera makes the makeup look “less”. The make-up artist will be happy to advise you whether extra emphasis on the eyes or lips would be advisable and could suit your type.

If you insist on certain colors or products for your makeup or lipstick, apply them already and bring them to the shoot as well. Your make-up artist will coordinate “your look” with you once again.

Style her hair the way you are used to. The hairstyle must lie very neatly for the picture. Protruding hairs are not desired here, so the use of a little hairspray is also quite possible if necessary.

Organizational procedure photo shooting – preparation

The easiest way is to provide me as the photographer and the make-up artist team with a list of the people to be photographed in advance. For the schedule, it is particularly important to know how many men and women are involved.

For men, the mask usually takes 10-15 minutes, . For women, it can be up to 50 minutes if a complete make-up with hair styling is still desired. Is everyone styled individually according to their own wishes? Should the models be made only briefly “camera ready” with a little powder? All these are important issues that will be agreed with you in advance, and will also be taken into account in the organization during the timing.

No matter what styling is best for your shoot, the concept should be agreed in advance with your photographer and makeup artist. This way, enough time can be scheduled, everyone is informed and the shoot is done professionally. Also during the shooting, the make-up artist is predominantly with you and additionally pays attention to your outfit and hair and still makes corrections and optimizations on the set. These can still arise after the first pictures have been taken. The images are immediately transferred to a screen, so that here, too, another final check is advantageous for you as a customer.

Talk to me about your wishes. I look forward to your inquiry and will also be happy to assist you in planning the timing.

Business photography make up photographer Jens Braune del Angel Photography

Business photography make up photographer Jens Braune del Angel Photography

Business photography checklist

For companies:
– Compile a list of the people who will be photographed
– Talk to your makeup artist and photographer team about their wishes
– Plan enough time so that make-up and hairstyling can be done optimally
– Think about what is the right outfit for you and inform your models accordingly

For men:
– Pay attention to the outfit, everything must fit together
– Make sure the lenses are clean
– Plan 10 to 15 minutes for the mask: a little powder is a “must” in front of the camera
– Your make-up artist will be happy to help you with hairstyling and questions regarding your outfit

For women:
– Wear a well fitting outfit
– Ask your company what is done by the makeup artist: Touch-up or a complete styling
– Style your hair as you usually do in everyday life
– If you have any special requests (e.g. a certain red lipstick), bring it with you
– Your make-up artist will be happy to help you with hairstyling and questions regarding your outfit

I attach great importance to cooperation with partners who have proven themselves to be competent and reliable. I have already worked with the agency “Make-up Agency” and the founder Eveline Boeck several times. Since this cooperation has proven itself time and again and customers have also asked to work with the same team, we have entered into a long-term cooperation together. Thus, as a customer, a team of professional make-up artists is at your disposal with whom I am happy to cooperate:


I will be happy to discuss individual details with you on site. Talk to me about your wishes. I look forward to your inquiry and will also be happy to assist you in planning the timing.