Business photography / corporate photography

Under corporate business photos, the employees in the company are specially staged for advertising purposes. Here, the interaction between photographer and model is also one of the decisive factors for the correct realization of the photos on set.

Good, natural results are achieved on the set and here it has proven useful to agree in advance with the client on the possible motifs and photo scenes and the sequence of the shoot. Creating a distinctive portrait of your company or telling a personal story with photos also means developing a consistent visual language.

The photo spreads can include documentation at the workplace as well as image photos that reflect the client’s current corporate design.

Other performers as support in the picture

There is definitely the situation that own employees or the team do not want to be in the picture or do not want to support the photo campaign with your profile. Here I support my customers not only in the provision of additional people who transfer your image rights in the photo shoot with, but, together with the customer we create, a photo project designed to his needs. Professional business photos from a single source are diverse, this includes portraits and team photos as well as testimonials, business photos, commercial, advertising and Lifestlye themes, which are implemented with the photos from the photographer.

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Business photography For successful marketing

Corporate photos that are created in a natural working environment have a much more appealing and authentic effect on the viewer. How do I convey negotiating strength, leadership skills or the ability to work in a team? From my point of view, this works especially well when the portrayed persons are photographed at their workplace. I come to your office, saving you time and travel and providing you with corporate photos that match your company’s image.

You want a neutral background for your photos? I bring a wide variety of photo backgrounds and set up a full photo studio on-site while you and your staff focus on your core business and get photographed throughout the day.

Depending on your customer preferences, outdoor photos can also be appealing if it fits the image concept of your site. You will receive an individual consultation from me and I will show you on the basis of other customer references, which implementation of professional business photos fit your project.

I photograph you, your employees or your team authentically and support you with high-quality photos, so that sympathy and competence are visible in the photos. The corporate design of your company should also be taken into account in the business shots. The new business photos lead to the goal that their external image is positively strengthened and new and existing customers are attracted.

Self-employed people use powerful photos for their marketing. Board members, managing directors convince with special portraits. PR experts also want to use high-quality photos to better position your company.

The 50 Plus generation needs authentic photos for their reorientation. Good business portraits can be used in different ways. Regardless of whether it is portrait photos for the homepage, press photos for various media, board of directors or managing director portraits for the annual report, you as a customer always receive a variety of photo motifs including all image and usage rights.

Business photos in reportage style

Documentation in the form of a reportage of everyday work also ensures that your customers gain an insight into the way your company works.

I photograph you, your team in action at work, capturing emotions and important moments that show the value of your work. This creates lively photos and creates a connection, because the viewer gets the feeling of being there.

You will always receive all images and image rights at a fair price and in the long term you can also advertise with the photos on social media and on your website or a flyer. This is how you build trust and high customer loyalty with the new photos.

You want to present yourself and your company convincingly? Together with you I develop the right image concept for board members, doers and entrepreneurs.

Procedure of a business shooting

A first on-site meeting brings the necessary clarity and so I coordinate the possible photo scenes with you in advance. I plan to spend just under an hour for the setup and first test run. For a business photo shoot, enough time is important so that you don’t act under time pressure. Your employees can continue working at their usual workplace during my photo shoots. As a photographer, I guide you so that you look natural and competent in the photos. Together we discuss already on set which photos best reflect your strengths.  Furthermore, all photos are screened and pre-selected, each employee sees the work results immediately on the screen, as the image data is transferred immediately and can immediately select a favorite photo.

All business photos are later retouched so that the people look authentic and natural.

Prices business photography

How much does a business shoot cost and what are the prices for the photographer? Depending on the effort consisting of the number of people, number of photos, image rights, usage rights, number of team photos and the photo situations, I will create different offer variants for you. A fast delivery of the photos and implementation of your specifications is my top priority. Feel free to ask me, we will find a solution !

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