Photography Song Writer

Photography songwriter

Photography and music – with a lot of feeling and emotion Fairy, an artist with Filipino roots living in Germany, transports your songs. She came into contact with music very early in her childhood, was already on stage at the age of five and sang as a soloist in the church and school choir.

At the age of eleven she came to Germany with her family and inspired her audience as a singer in a school band with her unique voice. Their idols are among others Fleetwood Mac and Dusty Springfield.

Fairy is multi-instrumentalist and plays bass, cajon also ukulele besides piano. The ukulele has become your trademark for your songs today as well. She writes her songs herself and a lot of feeling and emotion is expressed in her songs.

For the photo shoot in the Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt, the goal was to transfer these emotions and moods, which Fairy transports in her songs, also pictorially.

Look and listen with pleasure once Fairy`s Christmas song

Photography Song Writer

Photography and Music – a lot of emotions and feelings in here songs are transported by Fairy, a song writer who lives in Germany and has philippinien roots. She got in contact with music quite early and at the age of five she already took part in regional competitions and sang as a soloist in the church choir and in school.

At the age of eleven she came over with her family to Germany and she inspired her audience with her unique voice. Fleedwood Mac as well as Dusty were her first inspiration and influenced her music.

Today Fairy plays piano, bass , cajun as well as ukulele and she can be called a multiinstrumentalist. The ukulele plays an important part as it became a symbol of her music. She is her own song writer and combines feelings and emotions in here songs.

The photo shooting took place in Darmstadt at Mathildenhöhe and emotions and feelings are also shown in the photos.

Please also have a look at Fairy`s Christmas Song:

Songwriter001 1 scaled
Songwriter Fairy
Songwriter012 1 scaled
Musician Fairy
Songwriter011 1 scaled
Artist portrait
Songwriter010 1 scaled
Songwriter photography
Songwriter009 1 scaled
Photography artist
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Music photos
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Women photography
Songwriter006 1 scaled
Photography feelings
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Jens Braune del Angel
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Photography emotion
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Photography musician
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Photography art and culture

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