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Business photos for a bank

Business photos combined with a documentation of the working environment in Frankfurt was the task I had the pleasure to do for the State Bank of India (SBI) in Frankfurt. SBI is India’s largest commercial bank and has a network of more than 190 foreign offices in 36 countries. There is also a branch office in Frankfurt, which has been providing support since 1974, particularly in the area of financing Indo-German trade, and has been supporting inventions of European companies in India and

syndicated loans and promissory note loans. The Frankfurt branch also operates as the Euro Clearing Center for the entire Group worldwide and is active in the private customer segment primarily for Non Resident Indians.

Business Photos State Bank of India (SBI) in Frankfurt

I was allowed to do documentation in the bank for the branch. The business photos were requested via the headquarters in the individual countries. The main task was to depict both employees, work situations and ambience of the bank. Photographs were taken in the morning and on the same day selected photos were sent by me, as the headquarters in New Delhi will compile an overall project of all branches with photos.

More information is available here: https://de.statebank/about-sbi-frankfurt

Business photos within a bank

The State Bank of India (SBI) is the largest Commercial Bank in India. The State Bank of India Group has a customer base of more than 190 international offices spread across 36 countries. The Frankfurt branch is operating since 1974 and mainly active in the area of financing the German Indian trade, investment of European companies in India as well as in the area of syndicated loans. Moreover, the Frankfurt branch also act as a euro-clearing center for the entire group.

I was booked as a photographer to do business portraits as well as a documentation of the work within the bank. The photo shooting took place immediately in the morning as the customers wanted to deliver the photos on the same day to the headquarters in New Delhi. The whole project implied that every branch had to send over their photos to the headquarters where all photos would be selected and collected to show the diversity of the bank

For further information also click here:https://de.statebank/home