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Review Event Photography Highlights

Retrospective event photography brings back memories of grandiose highlights. In 2009 I was again allowed to photograph for Air Berlin. Only recently I rediscovered the pictures I wanted to bring this top highlight back to life.

Capture emotional moments with event photos.

High-ranking guests from all over the world were invited to Air Berlin’s 30th anniversary celebration. Chancellor Merkel was also a guest and gave the opening speech. In the interior, I was allowed to photograph without restrictions as an “Air Berlin photographer”. There was also a DPA photographer accredited for the interior.

Outside the guests were photographed by the general press. Here, there was a division for the photographers and filmmakers and similar to festive galas, everyone had received their permanently assigned slot. The stars from TV and radio, but also politicians such as Guido Westerwelle, Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg or the then Lord Mayor Klaus Wowereit were present.

Event Photograhy for Air Berlin

Review Event photography one of the unforgettable highlights was the 30 year celebration of 30 Air Berlin

I was booked as a photographer on several occasions not only for the ITB Berlin but also for the 30 year celebration. I was the photographer who was allowed to take the photos inside and to cover the complete celebration. Among the guest were politicians such as chancellor Merkel, as well as Guido Westerwelle and Theodor Guttenberg as well as the existing mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit. Among the stars known from TV and Sport were Niki Lauda, Kai Pflaume and the actor and former Mr. Universe Ralf Moeller.