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Business photography comdirect bank – balance sheet press conference 2020

Business photography in the form of press photos I was allowed to do again in 2019 for comdirect Bank. The annual press conference for the 2019 financial year was held at the Germania Rowing Club in Frankfurt.

Press photography banking

In the case of press conferences, the customer is naturally also concerned that the photos are put online very quickly. So besides labeling the photos (IPTC data), speed is very important.

I take pictures directly from the camera into a laptop, the transfer of the pictures is done via WLAN. My customers therefore also receive an initial overview of the images on set. It is also important for me that I photograph the people, alive, natural and authentic.

When doing a photo shoot with Studiol lighting equipment and working with a make up artist, the photographer can develop the “photo story” with their clients and there is more time available.

In press photography, the main thing is to have all the pictures prepared in a short time so that the image material can also be published quickly. Even small details, such as the placement of the Roll Ups, door frames, beamers are important. So before the journalists arrive, I always test the light and the different variations in advance.

During the press conference, the photographer should act silently and not disturb the press conference with loud camera shutter noises. There are now many silent mirrorless cameras, so there is also a solution here on the part of the technology.

Different images, different angles lead to the fact that my client also receives different photos, which he can use in many ways, such as on social media like Linkedin, Facebook.