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How to convince with photography and video statements in communication

Photography and video statements are your SEO boost

The integration of photography and video statements is also rewarded by search engines. The SEO value of your website improves and you also benefit from improved visibility with good photos and a customized video concept.

With photography and video you can additionally successfully stand out from your competitors. What is your situation here?

You have already built your business concept however, do not yet find the “right clientele” ?

You need other professional photos of yourself and your team and would also like to see you in action, working and be shown in the exchange with customers ?

You are looking for more reach for Your social media channels and would also like to share your blog or coaching offer better apply?

You would like to start with an additional Video statement and an individual marketing concept also more Attract attention and new customers?

You would like to develop your new marketing concept with Reach photography and video profitably and address new target groups?

You want to know how the Google ranking of your website is and how well you are found on the Internet ?

You would like to know if your business idea can be supported with government funding?

You would like to exchange information with other participants not only network but gain further valuable individual Get coaching tips ?


Photos and videos become more important for own marketing

Everyone knows that photos and videos are always become more important for marketing. It’s not just about attracting attention but to present itself and its services in such a way that your target group also finds you and buys from you.

In just one day you get from us a kind of basic equipment for your marketing and you ensure the optimization of your business idea in image and sound.

A makeup artist is with us on this day, ensures the right outfits and her styling, so that you even better in the photos and video to show off come.

Networking with participants – secured image rights with others Participants

In addition, you network with Like-minded people. The other participants support you on this day in the you make sure that during the photo, and video shootings that you build additional trust and sympathy in your story with.

You will be shown as you are in your professional life, authentic, lively and trustworthy.

Top modern office – special rooms for business day

Not all participants have their own Office. Co-locations are popular, rented rooms also with the exchange with other creative workers. When you have your own office, you would need not only for photo shoots and a Video shooting block your rooms and coordinate the working day completely differently, but later also reset everything back to its original state. You can save yourself this enormous amount of work by participating in our Business event to attend. In the heart of Frankfurt we have our own, rented particularly high-quality business premises including office equipment.

There we have various rooms at our disposal in which we can reflect your professional situations and everyday life as faithfully as possible (a nice office, a conference room, a networking lounge, lecture hall, etc).

Video concept – marketing

If you are shopping for a video yourself and get a special team, then again you will need to have a costly concept created for your video. Corrections, deadlines and the arrangements with the individual service providers are very time-consuming. With us you get your finished video concept with your own video statement in one day ! The video shows you in your everyday life, music background, logo integration of your website and also belly bands with your name are of course also included in the total price.

Photography – More than just business portraits

As a photographer, I not only skillfully put you in the limelight, but I also support you with other business scenes that show you interacting with your customers, in addition to a high-quality business portrait. My customers want authentic, vivid images that show you as you would act in your working environment in direct customer contact. In total, each participant receives up to 15 high-quality, edited photos including the associated image and usage rights.

Your team of experts on the day

We are not only a team consisting of a photographer, two young filmmakers, but in addition there are other experts on board that day. You will receive additional support from two other experts in the area of marketing strategies and repositioning as well as the topic of optimizing your own web presence and visibility through Google.

Free consultation in advance

You still have questions and want to know if this day is also worthwhile for your concerns ? In an initial telephone contact, you will also find out how your customer request will be implemented. Each event has a limited number of participants, up to 10 participants on the day.

Please contact me : 069 49084529 or write an email in advance to foto@jens-braune.de. I will also be happy to call you back.