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Truth and clarity with business photos

New, up-to-date business photos for the current issue of FONDS professionell, this was my task, which I was allowed to carry out at an analyst meeting at Berenberg Bank in Frankfurt.

Together with Barbara Claus (Head of Mutual Funds at Scope Analysis) and the publisher and editor-in-chief of FONDS professionell and Institutional Money, Matthais Born was asked about sustainability aspects in the management of his portfolio. The product, which focuses on European equities, has outperformed most of the competitors within its peer group over a wide range of time periods. Thus, the fund has been one of the top three in its peer group since its inception.

Editorial and promotional use of business photos

With the photos, which were used both editorially and in a supplement in the print area, it was a question of me as a photographer in a short time of 60 minutes, within the interview to carry out the most diverse shots as unobtrusively as possible, always with the focus that the customer and main actor is shown dynamically, friendly and competently in action.

Business portraits and full body photos

Business portraits and full-body shots were also part of the scope of the assignment. Furthermore, the graphics department always focuses on uniform and harmonious illumination. The photos should also provide enough space to be able to include any clippings and text still in an ad format.

What is also very professionally implemented on the part of FONDS professionell is the fact that the image sections are compiled with central statements of the interview and the readers of the online contributions thus also get a good overview of the central messages (image and text) by simply clicking through.

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If you want to read the article from the interview in full, you can also view a PDF document here: