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Trade show photography with added value

Trade show photography with added value means that not only professional photos are taken at trade shows, events and congresses, but marketing and other topics such as video are becoming increasingly important to attract attention in marketing.

Trade fair photos and digital marketing concepts

However, trade show photography has one distinct disadvantage. Only after a considerable delay, often even after a few days, visitors can view the image galleries on the exhibitors’ site. But what use are image galleries if they are put online much later without any further information? It is important to me that my clients not only get good pictures, but that I support you with additional value-added services to market your trade show appearance even more effectively. This includes the services video production, social media strategies and also the integration of the images into a coherent web concept.

When it comes to video production and photography for your trade show appearance, I work with colleagues I can rely on 100%, who are experts in their field and with whom I have already been able to successfully implement various customer projects. It is then also important for me that there is an understanding of the industry. Customers from the tourism or banking & finance segments have different requirements and it is therefore important to understand the customer’s market as well.

Of course, the budget is always the focus of customer inquiries. What is the cost of video production ? A film must look good, appeal to the target audience and attract new customers. To achieve this, the film must be produced to a high standard of quality, the concept and storytelling must be right, and it must have a lasting emotional impact. A lot of professional knowledge is needed to achieve this. You can find out how I work together with my partners here:

How do I make my trade show appearance stand out and properly incorporate trade show photos? How do I engage followers and get the word out about my sponsors?

Marketing of the event with trade fair photos

It is therefore becoming increasingly important to take appropriate measures during the event and in the run-up to it, because interest wanes surprisingly quickly after the trade fair appearance. Hardly anyone writes about the event on the web later and only a few tweet reports and pictures of the trade fair or congress afterwards. It is therefore very important to let your event reverberate on the Internet even days later. Here I support my clients by marketing high-quality images of the trade fair with a social media expert on site so that some of the results can be used immediately.

The work in trade fair photography begins with the preparation. If a trade fair or congress is planned skillfully and strategically, then a large reach can be generated with good images.

Increase attention and reach with trade show photos

Thorough preparation is important. It doesn’t look very credible to the target group if there is suddenly a massive amount of talk about an event on social media. Especially in connection with a trade fair, where visitors should be attracted to the booth, incentive campaigns via social media are suitable. During the trade show, these actions are completed at best at the booth. Of course, all this is accompanied by professional photos. Especially at public fairs, visitors want to see each other.

The hustle and bustle during the event is then brought directly to the social web. Emotional moments, happy visitors, exposed sponsors, friends or customers are thus spread in no time on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. This creates a lot of attention around the globe beyond the actual trade show.

Fair photography - Photographer Jens Braune del Angel Photography

Fair photography - Photographer Jens Braune del Angel Photography

Fair photography for sponsors

If the trade fair is also about the visibility of sponsors or partners, it is indispensable to link professional photos and social media. For sponsors in particular, it is important to be visible at the trade fair or event beyond roll-ups and a logo wall. With good images and an appreciative text, the sponsor or partner gets attention and visibility. For him, this is an added benefit that strengthens their business relationship.

Social media communication that accompanies a trade fair or congress before, during and after the event creates visibility, reach and attention.

Fair photography - Photographer Jens Braune del Angel Photography