Press photography banking

comdirect Bank Annual Press Conference On 31.01.2017 the balance sheet press conference of comdirect Bank took place at the Rowing Club Germania in Frankfurt and I was commissioned again to create press photos on site. What is important in the area of press photos? What are the requirements for the photographer? An important point is […]

Trade show photography with added value

Trade show photography with added value means that not only professional photos are taken at trade shows, events and congresses, but marketing and other topics such as video are becoming increasingly important to attract attention in marketing. Trade fair photos and digital marketing concepts However, trade show photography has one distinct disadvantage. Only after a […]

Event photography for Progros

Progros and Top Supply Event photography using the example of progros. Documentation of the No. 1 Congress for Purchasing Strategies and Management – Top Supply We give everything that you buy better, that you invest properly, that you have more money left. We give everything for that. Every day. With success ! This is the […]

Press photography for FTI with Eurowings

Press photography for FTI A look behind the scenes at the subject of press photography FTI, which as a tour operator with the partner Eurowings from Cologne offer new flights to Oman. I was already allowed to accompany some trips for FTI as a photographer (Morocco / Oman) and was therefore very pleased to implement […]

Food photography for an agency

Food photography for an agency in collaboration with Kreativ Catering, who had also developed the food concept for the event: “Life is beautiful” – a world full of acrobatics, pleasure, music & illusion. The show combines first-class vaudeville, multi-themed live music acts, magical projections and water illusions, and culinary delights to create a four-hour program […]

Corporate photography

Corporate photography using the example of Aareal First Financial Solutions Corporate photography with authentic images is becoming more and more important these days, because stock photos are interchangeable and identical images are used for a wide variety of companies. Even though stock photos are certainly produced in a high-quality and professional manner, they do not […]

Business photography and make up

Business photography and a professional make-up are becoming increasingly important, especially in a time in which the Internet and the external presentation also for customer acquisition takes a special role. Whether it’s looking at a website on the monitor or an encounter in real life: First impressions count and we decide in a fraction of […]

Business Portraits André Zahedi

Business portraits and team photos For the real estate specialist and real estate agent Immoprofi Andre Zahedi e.K from Darmstadt, who sells high-quality & exclusive residential properties in Darmstadt, Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, I was allowed to create the team photos for the new responsive website. Owner André Zahedi is known for emphasizing customized service, ongoing […]

Event photography event location flowcation

Event photography in the heart of Frankfurt, I was allowed to photograph the rooms and the ambience of the new location Flowcation. Right in the heart of Frankfurt on the busy Berger Straße, customers will now find a new event location marketed as “FLOWCATION” by the makers of “FLOWthe Kitchen“. A former car repair shop […]

Coffee pictures

Coffee pictures and barista seminars for coffee enthusiasts, ambitious home baristas and gastro professionals, all this is available at Cafe Spitzer in Berlin. Business photos and coffee pictures for a gastro professional I had met Ludwig Spitzer at the ITB in Berlin, there he fed the visitors of the Dubai booth on which I also […]