Press photography for the travel industry

Save the travel agencies – We are tourism

Press photography for the travel industry supported the action “We are tourism”, which took place on 29.04.2020 in more than 40 cities in Germany. Hundreds of travel agencies pointed out the dramatic situation in the tourism industry.

In the team together with Daniel Mayorov, video portraits were produced on this day in addition to press photos, which were then also made available to the press as press material for distribution in the media. In the trade media, we supported Touristik Aktuell with image material.

Press photography and video for marketing

The demonstration started at 12pm and by 4pm our photos and video were already online. The organization was prepared by Thomas Kolb from Frankfurt, who also co-markets trips to Oman as a specialist provider: https://www.my-oman.de/

Tourism = airlines, travel agencies, car rental companies, hotels, cruise companies, tour operators, technical providers (front-mid back office), all are interrelated and there is only one for and with each other, because all are interconnected.

Rescue of large corporations such as Lufthansa and TUI

Large corporations such as Lufthansa, TUI are being saved, but the people from the tourism industry today give the industry a face and took to the streets. The travel industry includes not only TUI and Lufthansa, but also 11,000 travel agencies and 300 tour operators. 2.9 million people are currently fighting for their jobs and livelihoods.

The best weeks of the year are, of course, vacation trips. Despite all the efforts of the associations, there has been no result for this important industry to date. Tourism is systemically important and more than 2.9 million jobs are affected. Loans and deferments are no help, billions are again approved for banks and now possibly the automotive industry, but where is there support for the travel industry ?

Emergency aid also for travel agencies

Organizers are calling for a protective umbrella and immediate aid. Trips were canceled and lost sales for a whole year are preprogrammed.

I hope that the industry survives the crisis and that travel dreams can soon be fulfilled again.

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