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Portrait photography of a brand ambassador

During a visit to the Seehotel in Niedernberg, I met Salvatore Rando, who works as a brand ambassador for the Hotel am See in Niedernberg. A person’s personality is at the forefront of portrait photography but how do you photograph a brand ambassador?

Definition brand ambassador

A brand ambassador embodies the soul of the company and works at the interface between marketing and sales and also represents the brand in public by promoting the company’s products and services and ensuring a positive brand image. This is how customers are then retained in the long term and fans are generated.

The brand ambassador knows the mission, vision, values and goals of the company and uses them to increase brand awareness among his customers and accompanies the buying process. Currently, brand ambassadors work mainly in the catering industry, in retail and in the context of events.

Salvatore gives the brand a face and embodies the company with all its values. As an Italian, he exemplifies hospitality and builds a warm atmosphere with his guests. Establishing trust among the various target groups and bringing the brand, in this case the Hotel am See, closer to them is one of the key tasks.

Convey credibility with portrait photos

Portrait photos are about taking a photo that shows the real person, the individual personality. Companies want to target the “right customers” and need credibility. Reputation and popularity significantly determine the success of a company. For companies, it’s not enough to present themselves in the best possible light – they need authentic and credible advocates. In addition, a brand ambassador is also a type of corporate influencer who is also used for employer branding. Advocates play an elemental role in the employer’s brand strategy to raise awareness of the employer brand. The company’s own employees are particularly important here and can share jobs and the company image in the form of employee recommendations.

Actually, the stand is only for hotel guests. We were lucky and I asked Salvatore if we could have a look at this paradise. Later, some photos were taken on the beach.

Hotel on the lake with Ibiza feeling

Why fly so far away – Germany is also beautiful and has a lot to offer and this only about 45 minutes from Frankfurt. The hotel on the lake is actually like a whole village, whether conference hotel, event hotel, recreation hotel or wellness hotel, with its own island, boathouse and finca, you can enjoy Ibiza flair practically here in Germany just minutes from the Rhine-Main area. The facility offers pure rest and relaxation.

Indulgence is writ large here, whether local or international dishes or coffee specialties with homemade cupcakes, everything is lovingly arranged and executed with great attention to detail.

Hotel guests can visit the island, rent sunbeds and buy snacks and drinks also at the kiosk. Those who want to experience special moments of pleasure in a stylish-casual ambience, from a champagne menu to a picnic by the lake or a romantic candlelight arrangement, are welcome to contact Salvadore Rando.


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