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Photography and Online Marketing

In recent years, online marketing has become increasingly important and the Internet has become the largest communication platform. The form of customer approach is becoming increasingly important is becoming increasingly complex. I have now built up further knowledge in digital marketing through my additional training as an online marketing manager.

Social media for companies

So what does an online marketing manager do?

As an Online Marketing Manager, the job is to take care of all digital marketing projects. Am I now an online marketing professional ? Today, the topics are so complex and varied that there are specialists for the different platforms. Should I run an ad on Facebook or are Google Ads more appropriate for my business?

What success do I achieve with my marketing measures and how can I measure the success?

By acquiring basic knowledge, I can now, in addition to the subject of photography, support my clients in positioning their products and services “correctly” in the various online channels.

Web design

What use is a beautiful website if I am not found on the Internet and texts and keywords have not been integrated appropriately. Therefore, at the beginning is always not the design but the development of a concept. Together with partners, I also support my clients as a photographer with a unified concept by integrating the photos into a performant website and the texts are also aligned with the needs of your customers. A responsive website is particularly important today, as many search queries also take place via mobile. Other components for a new website include items such as the security of your website, regular backups, and optimizing your copy for search engines.


By optimizing your website you will get a better website ranking and will then be found well in the search results. Thus, before creating a website, a first “SEO Ranking Check” is important. Have your Google ranking checked once and find out which organic search results are available related to your keywords. This is an important step for your website design as well, as it will also ensure that subsequent searches for your service will place you at the top of the query rankings. You can get a first SEO check of your website from me for free.

Landing pages

Do you have a specific product or service that you would like to market in particular? This is where landing pages are particularly effective for your online marketing and AdWords campaigns. The interest of your customers is once again focused by a landing page and also here the right photos and also small video sequences ensure a high conversion target by successfully communicating your added value in images and text.

So it’s about generating targeted content, which also includes photos, video clips and planning the campaigns in such a way that cooperation with agencies also works out for larger projects.

Strengthen the visibility of my brand or business through through performance campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and TikTok. But which medium do I use for my marketing? The first thing is to find out which customers I want to address with which media.

In addition to the development of an online marketing strategy, I am happy to help increase the optimal visibility on the Internet. Through the right use of photos combined with SEO measures, a smart web strategy and an evaluation of the measures taken, customers also receive an ROI evaluation.

At the beginning there are always the target group analyses and based on that a suitable selection of the different channels. Ads on Facebook/ Instagram or Google Adverts combined with individual image packages increase the traffic of the website and through an improved Google ranking my clients then also achieve more sales in the long term.

You are interested in the topic and want to repurpose a status report of your website or even new images for social media? Contact us for an initial exchange and we will discuss which onsite and offsite optimization measures are possible for your area. We will be happy to discuss the first optimization options online and you will receive initial feedback on what options are available.

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