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Photo shoot with seniors

Photo shoot with seniors or so-called Best Ager I was allowed to implement for Feierabend.de, a community for seniors.

Advertising opportunities for seniors

The advertising opportunities for seniors are optimally given on the Feierabend.de portal. A target group-specific and dialog-oriented approach is professionally implemented by the portal staff. Here I support my client with professional images that emphasize the advertising message.

As a photographer, it’s important to build trust with seniors. High-quality, authentic photos that are in line with the pre-defined advertising strategy are implemented on site with the “Best Agers”.

Convincing contents and creative formats to convert, belong with the platform of Feierabend.de.A rounded off mix from information, consultation & Entertainment are offered with. Due to demographic change, “old people” are a target group in demand. Retirees want to be addressed differently in advertising, because they have their own ideas about the products they prefer.

Also when shooting with this target group, it is important to find the right approach and to create a trusting atmosphere during the photo shoot and to take away your shyness in front of the camera.

Knowledge of the target group of senior citizens is becoming increasingly important for the successful launch or relaunch of a new product. The appropriate approach, whether it is evaluating an ad or analyzing it to optimize customer loyalty, is only possible if “honest answers” from seniors are also evaluated.

But knowledge of the buying and information behavior of this target group is also a prerequisite for the successful implementation of the campaign. After a perfect data collection and evaluation, I also support my client Feierabend.de with new image ideas that support the marketing concept.

So-called testimonials were used to conduct product tests in the health sector. Native advertising and content marketing are central building blocks of a successful advertising strategy. Here I support the individual customer campaigns as a photographer, by knowing the pre-defined communication goals, developing new ideas for the photo shoot together with the customer, which are then implemented coherently to the product with the appropriate press and image photos.

Photo shoot and targeted campaigns for seniors

The focus is on the customer’s brand. Here Feierabend.de develops a targeted campaign. In marketing the message, videos were produced in addition to photos. The integrated full service concept, which I offer as a photographer, consists of the services photography and video.

Feierabend AgeMan® age suit

How do I identify the needs of my customers? How does age feel and what does it mean for marketing, sales and service? Again, Alexander Wild provides answers by inviting a wide variety of agencies to experience firsthand what a senior’s body feels like.

I took photos of the Feierabend AgeMan® age suit as well as photographed a wide variety of participants in the suit.

Here Alexander Wild (CEO of Feierabend.de) is still testing the suit himself

Agencies that co-market senior products experience firsthand what it feels like to be “old.”

There is also more information in the article “Seeing the world through older eyes”.

FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Rhine- Main)

This video was created by FAZ (Wolfgang Eilmes):

Health Care and Health in Photography
I also support my clients in the area of Health Care /Health.

Through video statements in the area of health in conjunction with professional photos of seniors, I also support you in the area of content marketing with a consistent overall concept.

The credibility and authenticity of the seniors are in the foreground for me here.

The advertising message is professionally implemented on the Feierabend.de portal using search engine marketing and bannering.

If you want to know more about the target group of senior citizens, you can find further important media data here at Feierabend.de: