Parents in crisis

Parents in crisis – parents and children are systemic!

As a father of two children, I also know the situation that home office, childcare and school closures present us parents with a very special challenge. Also the visit of my mother with the children is forbidden at the moment. So we are also waiting for a change and need more planning security.

Therefore, I have decided to support the demonstration on May 02 on the Römerberg. In advance, I had contacted the organizers of the Facebook group “Parents in Crisis” and offered to support your demands and the action with more press photos.

Daycare centers and schools as well as playgrounds have been closed throughout Germany since April 15, 2020. Social contacts are still to be avoided, grandparents are not allowed to visit, sports fields and playgrounds remain closed, and parents of daycare children in particular continue to be left without prospects. Therefore, the needs of children in Corona time must be given a higher priority.

Children and their families feel left alone and politicians have not yet offered any solutions. Salami tactics such as closure until the Easter vacations, cautious proposals to open daycare centers are the first steps of politics that go in the right direction.

Children under six are isolated

Hardly any other group of people is as severely restricted as children under the age of six. Now in their seventh week, they are completely isolated except for contact with their nuclear family. One requirement is also to adjust spacing rules and contact restrictions specifically for children six and under. Incremental access to care and education for all children is required.

The Hessian state government is called upon to finally present concepts for opening playgrounds and providing care in small groups.

The following points are also in focus:

Presentation of a timetable so that there is more planning security

Concepts and solutions for care at home, emergency care and

Financial compensation for families who can no longer work to the same extent due to the childcare situation. (Home office is not a solution!)

Procedure and planning for the photos

Beforehand, I had an exchange with the organizer of the event and discussed the course of the day. Who are the speakers, what will be presented and which images are also relevant for the press later or are suitable for further media use.

In the age of Corona where crowds are not allowed and even demonstrations are pre-registered and limited with a certain number of people, the Internet and the “marketing” of the issue has become an important element today. Everyone has the opportunity to post pictures, announce livestreams via Facebook and promote a topic through the media.

However, it is becoming increasingly important to present one’s topic in such a way that the visual language and message are presented professionally in the media and achieve a high level of resonance. The video must not be longer than 2 minutes, so that the viewer also watches the topic to the end. We also take into account sound, lighting and the speaker’s statement. Thus, for this demonstration there was a “list of demands to the politicians”, which contained more than two DIN A4 pages. For the video, this meant that the text had to be short, precise to the point, so that the length of the video (maximum 2 minutes) was not exceeded.

Who – How – What communicates and is included for the post promotional, all this advance information is important and must be communicated in advance.

The point of the photos is that I, as a photographer, need to have a finished picture story photographed in just 30 minutes. For me, capturing parents and children in such a way that emotions are nevertheless conveyed means that I also get actively involved and interact with the people portrayed.

I act both as a “silent observer” who captures the right moment, and as an “agile photographer” who approaches the participants directly and also communicates the wishes for the perfect photo. This means that I sometimes ask the subjects to repeat a certain action, or I arrange elements of the image to fit the story.

A press photographer always works under time pressure. The images are sent immediately from the camera directly to the editorial office. My way of working depends on the order. Of course, even if there are only a few and specific photos, I can act quickly and submit them to the agency. Who needs a larger selection of photos gets the images specially processed and this then takes a few hours. The advantage, however, is that there are many different motifs to choose from for a topic, and different images can be used in the media, so that the same photos are not always shown on all channels.

The demonstration lasted 30 minutes and after 2 hours 95 edited photos were uploaded and are available to the press.

You also want to promote your themes with photography and a professional video ? I will also be happy to support you for dissemination in the media. The video attached below was produced by Daniel Mayorov: https://www.mayorovmedia.com/

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