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Event photography golf

Event photography golf is an integral part of many corporate events. In my view, this is a social event with a sporting character.

I accompany you as a photographer and support my clients from the first idea of strategic planning in the course of the shooting to complete concepts and also help you with the integration of film & video in the marketing of your story.

Visual language golf

My goal is not only to create beautiful souvenir photos for your participants, but also to implement the positive image of golf for your company with the “right visual language”.

In the first meeting I will also discuss your individual needs as a company and advise you on the various possibilities of implementation. Of course, there are classic photos that are part of every golf event. Whether it’s the individual group shots or good mood shots of the winners later. I will not offer you off-the-shelf photos. However, I will also show you individual examples of how each participant receives his or her special souvenir photo.

The challenge for me as a photographer is to depict the different game variations and game personalities in such a way that their game flow is not disturbed, yet special golf strokes and situations are photographed well.

You as a customer take care of your score I am committed to photographically implement your special game moments and the emotions.

Putting – chipping – full strokes, as a photographer I know how these moments are realized. Whether it is picture situations on the driving range, the half way station with the imaging of relaxed situations, I will stage the golfers in such a way that these moments will be remembered for a long time.

You get with me all the images, image rights and your own image gallery, which can also be secured with password protection. Show the most beautiful moments on your smartphone and share the experiences with others. The subsequent victory celebration with the certificates I also hold on request for you in the picture.

Photography and video in golf event

You want to capture your golf event not only in the picture but also a video?

Ask now for a total package, I will be happy to help you.

Golf event Jens Braune del Angel

Golf event Jens Braune del Angel