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Business photos for a coach

Coaching for children with your dogs Claudia also offers schools and needed new business photos of yourself and your four-legged friends. How do I work as a coach with animals and especially with dogs? Cody is a special dog that is successfully used in communication work, even with children.

Why is Cody a special dog and what role does he play in the concept of resolving misunderstandings and conflicts in families or schools?

Children in particular find it difficult to sit still and remain attentive when the teacher is teaching. This is where your coaching concept “Empathy with Dog” comes into play. When we pet dogs, the bonding hormone oxytocin is released. It dampens our stress hormones, reduces anxiety and increases confidence.

Empathy with dog

With special exercises through the involvement of the dog, new forces are released, communication succeeds differently and harmony returns. Focus on the essentials, live in the here and now and react without prejudice? Yes, all this is possible and is implemented in the coaching with dog.

I’ve never taken dog pictures before and I tend to be someone who acts with respect for dogs. Therefore, it was a novelty for me when I was asked if I, as a photographer, could implement this theme.

Self confidence for children

I got to know Claudia Rixecker and knew that she had worked out a very special concept as a coach. She told me about her activity with her dogs and I spontaneously defined you as a “dog whisperer ” for me. Is it possible to teach children new self-confidence and strengthen their strengths? How do children perform and gain more confidence ? Especially in today’s school system, where grades play a major role, children are taught frontally and are expected to sit still for 45 minutes, I was particularly interested when I heard that Claudia trains communication with her dog Cody at comprehensive schools here in Frankfurt.

90% of communication is non-verbal, only 10% is content. Only, what does this have to do with the dog Cody ? The dog is practically a perfect training partner, because the only thing that interests him is the 90%. In this way, the children learn to recognize their strengths in cooperation with the dog. For example, if creativity is lacking, then the challenge is to get the dog to play. Posture, gestures, facial expressions are important and say a lot about a person. Children now learn with the dog in a playful way to solve the tasks given to you.

First, the topic of communication is taught in a short, theoretical block. Then the students are allowed to practice together with the dog in a playful way and show how they implement the tasks set. The children learn to communicate clearly, to set boundaries and also to respect the boundaries of others.

Communication training with a dog is a whole new experience for the students, and also strengthens class cohesion and promotes the students’ social skills. The communication with the dog is mainly non-verbal, so that the children can try out for themselves how they solve the tasks in interaction with the dog. This also makes them reflect anew on their own behavior in the classes. (see also: www:zweimitvier.de)

Procedure photo shooting

The request dog photos, was realized at short notice, because the photos were needed for a women’s magazine. We had a time frame of only 1 1/2 hours to implement all the photos. In addition, the photos should be made available on the same day. The Grüneburgpark offered itself here, since we could convert approach routes and possible picture situations as fast as possible. I had no time beforehand to deal intensively with dog photos, then still came for me the surprise that Claudia, two other dogs brought along.

The magazine did not specify what the pictures had to look like, so I suggested a wide variety of motifs in consultation with Claudia. The goal was to produce authentic photos human – animal and also to show the strong connection to the dog Cody.

In the beginning I took shots like portraits or group photos, only this time there was also a dog. Then it was a matter of playfully showing in interaction also dog and owner. Since there were other dogs in the park, which also aroused Cody`s interest, it was additionally very exciting for me to find new approaches here and to regain the focus and concentration of all actors in a short time. Treats always help and so then all the dogs were rewarded.

You wanted to know more about this empathic dog and also about Claudia with her fantastic concept: Here is the link to her website: www:zweimitvier.de

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