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Business portraits – Outdoor

Again and again I see business portraits with the normal backgrounds – white or gray. Surely these photos have their justification, but with which photos do I get new customers or increase my visibility?

Looking for new photo shoots that highlight your personality? As a photographer from Frankfurt, I also offer outdoor business portraits with. Creative outdoor photos are an alternative to classic headshots in the studio and are particularly popular right now.

Modern business portraits

I like to portray people in a relaxed atmosphere and this includes authentic outdoor photos. So why not take advantage of the many parks here in Frankfurt to create a new impression with other outdoor business portraits.

Also press photos with your company as background or photos with reflections e.g. in front of glass look professional and leave a special impression. I also work outside both with the available sunlight (available light) or with a professional mobile lighting system, which illuminates each photo optimally and time-saving through battery operation. Since lighting conditions are always different, it is a particularly exciting challenge to create unique and new individual photos for my clients.

For a portrait photo in the studio, I always have the same light setting and almost always the same backgrounds. With an outdoor business photo shoot, the photographic effort is higher, but the customer then also receives versatile, varied photos that he can use in the long term.

Here are my recommendations for new outdoor portraits:

1)Building trust with classic outdoor portraits

For outdoor portraits, I photograph you in a natural setting. This can be a park but also a site with trees and buildings. It is important that the background is out of focus, because the person portrayed is in focus. Show yourself as you really are, besides a classic portrait, photos in a workplace situation are also great for building confidence and showing competence and this leads me to point 2.

2) Use a high quality business location

If you do not have a suitable office, I recommend renting a high-quality business location. Look for daylight, bright windows, so that the photos look bright and friendly at the shoot. I like to support and have different partners I work with, so I can also recommend you a suitable on location locations for your photos.

3)Outdoor portraits – the slightly “different look

Try outdoor photos in your neighborhood or city. Natural photos are becoming more and more important. No one wants posed photos and if you have your photo taken outside in beautiful light, early in the morning or late in the afternoon, your photos will work especially well because you will stand out with a different look.

4) The choice of outfit

Pay attention to your outfit, the suit should not be too big and simple colors in solid colors such as blue, gray have proven successful. Also, the classic style still works for business photos. Casual photos with just a shirt without a tie are in high demand. It’s important that your personality comes across well and the photographer not only makes you smile, but also knows what facial expression suits you well.

5) A good briefing is important.

A good briefing is important, because the photos should fit the task or the web concept of the client. How many photos are needed, what formats are desired, and what will the photos be used for? Are there already photos on the website, which colors suit the company and which emotion do you want to convey with your photos.

6) Outdoor portraits in the shade

Glaring sunlight outshines, so it is important to know in advance how the sun is positioned and what incidence of light will produce a harmonious image. These pictures were taken first thing in the morning in Rotschild Park in Frankfurt. Here there are also some trees that provide shade.

7) Pay attention to natural poses

I make sure that in outdoor portraits, the men and women also strike a natural pose that suits the person in question. The person must feel comfortable and we try different poses. Railings are also a good option, the person can sit or lean on. Whether with folded arms or hand in the pocket, it must fit the person and this should feel comfortable in your posture, naturalness and authenticity are trumps.

8) Capture different facets of the person in the picture

In portraiture, everything happens in the face – noses, eyes and mouth tell us the emotions. I photograph from different angles and try to show the different facets of the person. Even though a smile stands for confidence and conveys sympathy, portraits with a closed mouth and somewhat serious look are also suitable for expressing competence and expertise, depending on the professional activity. If the whole person is depicted, I make sure that the background also fits neutrally and harmoniously into the overall picture. In the examples shown here, it was important that the background was blurred and also related to nature (greenery).

9)Use all the possibilities of your environment

Every location, including an outdoor photo shoot, offers a wide variety of shooting options. Whether it’s trees that are in the background, a site or a building, I use all the possibilities together with my clients. While we take the first photos, we continue walking and depending on the incidence of light, new photo motifs arise again and again. In this job, the blue suit also harmonized with the blue-gray tones of a building.

10) Talk to your client at the shoot

Photography is about creating a relaxed atmosphere and empathy with the other person. A picture with eye contact, i.e. looking directly into the camera, has a very strong effect. Still, I also try to reduce uncertainty and guide my clients to stop by or think of a special moment. Then, when the situation becomes more relaxed, the shots are taken looking directly into the camera. Communication is the key, because even a board member who “gives instructions” to his employees wants to appear confident in the photo shoot and is grateful for proper “guidance”. What has also proven successful is to bring friends or colleagues with you to support you during the shoot or even better, get them involved in a photo shoot right away.

Which photos are important for you? Do you prefer outdoor photos or business portraits in the workplace?

You also want to leave a special impression with your business portraits?

You want photos that emphasize your personality?

You want in a short time, many different usable motifs that you can use in many ways?

I will be happy to advise you and look forward to your inquiry.