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Business photography fitness

Business photography fitness industry

The fitness studio myline in Oestrich Winkel commissioned me as a photographer with new business photos. The focus was on professional photos of the successful participants of the myline weight loss program who had won a photo shoot.

The developer and today’s managing director of Myline Deutschland GmbH, Alexander Dillmann, specialized in the topic ” permanently lose weight and feel good.” In his first fitness club he started the first weight loss courses. Eating healthy, exercising properly and thinking positively is the formula for success….

The winners were determined as follows:

  1. Capture on Facebook and posting of before, after photos
  2. The posts with the most likes was chosen as the encourager of the month and received a Myline product package of over € 100.00
  3. The Encourager of the Year was chosen from the monthly winners. The winners will receive a professional photo shoot and additionally a shopping voucher worth 1.200,- € for matching outfits.

Procedure of the shooting

In a separate room of the fitness studio in Oestrich Winkel, I set up my photo studio, consisting of a bright background, flash system with three 500-watt Hensel flash heads. From the customer there was a briefing in advance in which look the winners should be included. The photos should be used for the website as well as for later advertising purposes.

All winners were also professionally made up in advance at the gym. In the shoot, the participants were then photographed in their fitness outfits. The myline products were also included in the picture, because the motto of the weight loss program was: “Continue to eat the things you like… and still lose weight. ”

Business photography fitness

Business photography fitness

Business photography fitness

Business photography fitness

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What is myline?

Most diets promise a lot and deliver little. And because there are enough yo-yo diets, here is our suggestion:

Pointless diets

myline helps people to actively change their way of life. With the myline weight loss programs, participants learn to eat healthy, exercise properly and think positively. Already over 1 million successful myline participants have lost over 5 million kg of fat with myline intense in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium.

The myline concept is also confirmed by science. Independent studies by the Universities of Bremen and Jena have proven the success and lasting effect of the myline intense weight loss program. The program enables an active start to a feel-good figure and is offered by the best fitness clubs throughout Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium, as well as online via myline24.de.

How does myline work?

In weekly coaching sessions online or in a group, professional coaches show participants how they can make it themselves to their personal feel-good figure. Easy as pie and very understandable, they learn about the connections between healthy eating, proper fitness training and a positive outlook on life. That is the whole secret of myline’s success!

The philosophy

Lose weight the way I want to! myline is the first weight loss program that adapts to the eating behavior of the participants! Everything remains basically the same as the participants are used to. They continue to eat more or less as before and lose weight in the process. Thanks to basic and enjoyment phases and the support of the online enjoyment generator, this is very easy! Because at myline, they learn how to easily turn all their favorite recipes into easy meals.

Eat with pleasure

In myline programs, it is important that participants eat 5 times a day. myline has many delicious recipes and tricks ready so that everyone can effortlessly integrate the second most beautiful thing in the world into their everyday life.

Snacking is allowed with myline!

What would life be without being allowed to snack from time to time? Pure boredom for the taste buds! And it doesn’t have to be. Fortunately, there are sweet myline products that bring exciting variety to a calorie-restricted diet. The best example is the myline bars – low-fat chocolate bars that use 50 percent less fat than comparable chocolate bars. You can not only wish for a good morning, but also ensure it yourself, for example by sweetening your breakfast with myline products. High on the list for morning sweet tooth is the crunchy raspberry-yogurt muesli and the sugar-free jam – a fruit spread that is given its sweet taste by natural agave syrup instead of (crystal) sugar or artificial sweetener. The myline protein powder can be enjoyed not only as a delicious shake, but also wonderfully used in creative myline recipes. So you can prepare delicious desserts or low-fat cake recipes without a guilty conscience. Simply use protein powder instead of some of the fat and enjoy without a guilty conscience thanks to saved calories.

Train well

With just 2-3 times a week of targeted training, participants get their bodies back in shape! The specially trained fitness instructors create a personalized fitness program tailored to the participant. This is how you turn your muscles into real fat-burning engines, through the optimal combination of targeted “endurance and strength training”!

Motivate better

The myline coach and the specially developed course content with valuable tips help participants to see things in a positive light. You will have fun and develop a more optimistic outlook on life, making it much easier to lose weight and stay motivated for the long term. Because feeling good and being happy starts in the head!

myline express – the 14 day weight loss cure

The 14 day program for people who have gained weight in the short term, but otherwise have no weight problems. So you can quickly lose up to 4 kg and activate the metabolism.

myline intense – the 8 week program

For people who want to lose up to 8 kg or more and do not want to change life completely. The participants continue to eat as before, only slightly improved myline style and lose weight!

myline control – the 12 months program

With the long-term program myline control, one stabilizes the dream weight following myline express or myline intense and thus does not fall back to the unwanted kilos.For people who have already successfully lost weight with myline and want to maintain their weight in the long term. You enjoy seasonal gourmet dishes every month and feel incredibly good about it.