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Business photography at Provadis

For the Provadis Group I was allowed to photographically implement the theme Provadis 4.0. International customers and partners rely on Provadis’ know-how in the areas of aptitude and knowledge diagnostics, training and further education, personnel development and placement, and in the development and implementation of needs-based training concepts. As part of a business photo shoot, I was allowed to photographically implement the theme Provadis 4.0.

Business portraits for a university

Selected employees were photographed in various situations and were to be portrayed authentically and competently.

In corporate photography, one of the most important things for me is that the employees of the company I photograph are captured in an authentic and sympathetic way. A good image provides a good introduction to the topic of the company’s website.

Part of the daily routine of a photo shoot is that the agreed photo scenes and themes are implemented in a timely manner. The photo production is done in a professional and relaxed way and I want to create an experience for all participants. Part of this is that I always involve the participants involved during the shoot, motivate them and together as a team, consisting of photographer – filmer, make-up artist, models and client, we show the value of the subject. Through their participation, employees also get the opportunity to support their work for the company with high-quality images.

An essential factor is the often quoted word authenticity. The photos must have a clear reference to the company and the target group. I also implement individual solutions and creativity on the set, because even if the specifications have been set, as far as the image composition and the set are concerned, new situations also arise on location in exchange and interaction with all those involved, which I then additionally implement with a different perspective.

What counts for me is cooperative collaboration and customer satisfaction. Therefore, I also take the time in the preparation by a detailed schedule of the shooting and a prior “inspection” of the individual photo scenes also in advance to coordinate with my customers.

In this video you will get a behind the scenes look at how I implement the theme of corporate, business photography and act as a photographer.